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Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight HUD
Software Engineering
My Role
UI Engineering Intern
May 2022 - Aug 2022
Lua, XML, C++, Jira
Over the summer 2022, I worked at Blizzard Entertainment as a Software Engineer intern for World of Warcraft UI team. I worked on WoW Dragonflight expansion which is expected to release in November 2022.​
My Contribution
As an engineer, I was responsible for implementing several UI design revamps and new panels, debugging, and refactoring old codes to follow up-to-date standards. I closely collaborated with other engineers in the team as well as UI designers and artists to ensure the new design and interaction of UIs. While digging into the large code base, I also contributed to finding many bugs or deprecated features - where many of them became my side tasks along with my main internship task.​
Task Examples
Character Class Specialization UI Revamp
  • Created new XML template and Lua functions
  • Used frame pools to generate and update UIs real-time
  • Day-to-day collaboration with designers.

As there were significant design changes in frame, I had to build from scratch the new frame template and implementation for the class specialization page. I also learn to incorporate existing workflow like layout template that helps aligning its child frames. I also enjoyed collaborating with designers to ensure every corner accuracy of design, animations and hover effects.

Character Class Specialization UI Revamp
  • Code refactoring and new design implementation
  • A lot of in-game testing, edge cases, and debugging
  • Collaboration with other engineers in HUD revamp tasks

As a part of main HUD revamp, I was responsible for party frame for multiplayer contents. Since the frame changes dynamically based on the in-game multiplayer states, it required a lot of testing and debugging edge cases. I also collaborated closely with many other engineers to debug unit frame issues and identified multiplayer server data issues.

Game Settings
  • CVar and Flags
  • Callback functions

For this task, I worked closely with the other senior software engineer to troubleshoot some game settings data issues and fix missing connections in the refactored game settings page. I also implemented new "Camera FOV" graphics setting options.