About Jenny Choi

Hello! I’m a software engineer and game developer specializing in XR, gameplay engineering, and UX prototyping. Currently, I’m working at Genies Inc., developing core gameplay features and integrating AI-enhanced avatar interaction technologies for the Genies Party app. My previous experience includes working as a gameplay engineer at Blizzard Entertainment for World of Warcraft, launching the Dragonflight expansion pack, and working as a Unity developer at PlaybookXR building spatial design tools.

My greatest passion and source of inspiration is the emerging field of spatial computing technology. I’m especially excited about pioneering new modes of user interaction within spatial environments - such as my work on hand-tracking-based UI interactions for NeonCityVR, a city-building sandbox app in VR.

I have worked on various platforms and tools with particular proficiency in C#, C++, Lua, and game engines - Unity and Unreal. My multi-disciplinary degree at USC has endowed me with a unique and diverse set of skills including engineering, UIUX prototyping, 3D modeling, and animation.

    University of Southern California, Iovine and Young Academy, 2023
    B.S. in Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation
    Minor in Immersive Media
    4-year Dean's Scholarship, Academic Achievement Award
    GPA: 3.92
    C#, C++, Unity, Unreal Engine 5, Lua, XML, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python
    OpenXR, Oculus Interaction SDK, ARFoundation
    3D / Design
    Maya, Blender, Figma, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Adobe Suite
    Can't Live Without...
    iPad for spontaneous game idea sketch & note
    Coffee to start off a day
    Quest for keeping my monthly cardio