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Neon City

VR City Building Sandbox Toy
VR Design Prototyping
My Role
Interaction Lead
Aug 2022 - May 2023
Unity, C#, Figma, Maya
Neon City is a VR City Building Sandbox Toy. In this experience, players embark on a playful and meaningful experience of building a digital city for millions of lost AI citizens.

Genre: City-Building Sandbox Toy
Platform: Oculus Quest 2
Core Mechanics: Block placement and editing districts
Objective: Establish digital city for millions of lost AI citizens.
Target Audience: VR newcomers, Lego fans, building fans
Differentiator: Hand tracking interaction and spatial immersion in 1:1 scale city view in VR
My Contribution
Collaborating in a team of 26 students, I am working on designing, prototyping, and implementing every hand-based interaction such as palm block editor, palm locomotion controller in 1:1 scale view, status wristwatch, tutorials, and micro-interactions on block placement. Taking feedback from user testing every week, I closely collaborate with designers and the director to come up with viable interaction mechanics and visuals.
About 26 USC undergraduate and graduate students
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