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3D multiplayer puzzle game developed in Unity
Game Development
My Role
Overall design and development
Feb 2022 - May 2022
Unity, C#, Maya, Figma
UserNotFound is a 3D multiplayer puzzle game where two players are trapped inside an unstable network glitch and solve puzzles to connect with each other.

Genre: Multiplayer Physics Puzzle (single player supported)
Platform: PC, Windows
Core Mechanics: Movement, Object Interaction
Objective: Re-establish connection with another player
Target Audience: Fans of puzzle games
Differentiator: Unique gravity physics system
My Contribution
I worked with one other student to develop the game over three months. I contributed throughout all process including concept, level design, gameplay engineering, UI, user testing, and iteration.
Jenny Choi – Developer, USC BS Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation
Timothy Durbin – Developer, USC MS Computer Science
Siddharth Sharma – Sound Designer, Berklee Film Scoring and Video Game Scoring